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It may due to the method by which the telco sends calls to your line. Try these troubleshooting.

  • In your line context, use: _x. , 1, NoOp (My DID matches as ${EXTEN})
  • Type “reload” in the console and call in.
  • DID should come into your T1/E1 line.
  • Green: card is in-sync with the end
  • Red: The card cannot see the far end or its not working
  • Yellow: The card is getting red alarm from the far end
Check the “PRIDIALPAN” option to ensure that the card is dialing in the same method as your telco works with.
  • Check your card parameters first.
  • Check if your X windows is running properly by entering #ps aux | grep X
  • Check if the PATA IDE hard drives are running with set DMA levels.
It may be due to mismatch of E&M type with your telco system. Try using other types of E&M and see if the problem is resolved.
Type in “CLI> PRI debug span X” command and in the place of “X” enter the form of port you are using.
  • In the Asterisk, type in the following commands:
  • * CLI> core show applications
  • * CLI> core show functions
  • This will enable all the features of your card.

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