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IVR Based Recruitment System



Key Issue:

Army recruitment process is divided into recruiting zones across the country. Each zone is allotted with a quota for recruitment based on a percentage of its population and ethnic grouping. For recruitment, The Indian Army recruitment services generally got huge applications and enquiries for selection procedure in various officers & below officer’s rank, Interview schedules, joining instructions etc.

Being a prestigious organization Indian Army felt the need to have centralize automatic recruitment helpline system for managing all kind of enquiries promptly, accurately and in a hassle freeway. So that any person who wants to join Indian army should get correct information on time.

In order to obtain a suitable and customized optimal solution for the above requirement Aria Telecom understood the same and addressed the requirement with customizable, cost-effective IVR based recruitment system without compromising on performance and features.

A Comprehensive Solution:

Aria Telecom offered Inbound IVR for recruitmentsystem for recruitment services which provided various facilities such as selecting information on officers’ selections and below officer’s rank selection in Indian army like: educational Qualification requirement, age requirement, physical standards requirement and examination pattern information, interview date and joining instructions queries.


Since implementation of the IVRS based recruitment information system the callers are easily getting required and accurate information on time and this has smoothen the entire recruitment process.

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