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It is a telephony system which is designed specifically to allow multiple peoples in one call.
Controller who initiates the conference & having a rights to control the whole conference by using privileges like to mute all the participants, dial out a participant, listen the recordings & Create/Edit another conference room etc.
A participant could be anyone invited by the controller to add in conference. Participant will have an invitation with the details of dial in number & PIN which was shared by the controller.
Yes PIN’s are separate for both them.Partcipants can add in conference by entering their pin & announcing their name. They will be connecting with line & music will be play till then controller is not added.
Web interface is available where you can generate the PIN’s for both of them.
Multiple people can add in conference. Its depends on your calling medium or available channels like if you are using dedicated one PRI line for system, it consist 30 channels and at a same time 30 People can occupy their seats for conference.
Dial out where numbers are being dialed by the telephony system or controller to add participants in conference. Dial In where participants dial on given access number to add in conference by entering their pin

From Aria:

  • Server with installed application & software’s for the conference, it will be the asterisk based solution & Operating System will be centos 6.8.
  • PRI Card/ GSM gateway/ Analog Gateway –Depends upon client’s calling medium
  • From Client:

  • Telephonic Medium: PRI Lines /Analog lines/GSM SIM
  • TCP/IP Voice Supported LAN Network
  • Internet broadband for remote support
  • He/She will redial the number and rejoin the conference or controller can dial out their number to add in.
    Yes, when you will enter the PIN to add in conference a welcome note will be announce.
    We provide a web interface which includes the facility of listen/play/download the recordings with other features like MIS Reports, Create/Edit/Delete Room etc.

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