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To monitor and track live conversation, any office will need this application. It not only allow live monitoring but also records the data for future use. It also offer screen pop-ups to the agent regarding client information so that the agent can serve with best services.
The user branch office will be able to track any changes made by the agents regarding customer information. This tracking can be done live or can be fetched from recorded details. It also provide agent information related to each changes. Though the branch user will be able to see information only but will not be able to modify anything.
Admins will have sole modification rights of the application. The admin will be able to see location wise monitoring. To access live monitoring for any location, they will need to select the location and a new screen or window will be pop up that will have all details regarding calls of respective location.
Yes, it does offer live monitoring. Through HO panel or branch office user panel, managers will have full access for live calls and they can also listen to the calls if want.
For first time setup our experts will do that for you. However, for future uses, you will be given a user manual to handle the installation and setup process. The user manual will also include a video demo of installation setup and application handling process.

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