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Any business such as share broker firms or other industry that deals with multi-location branches or customer needs this application to keep a track on file transfer activities. It ensures the business communication whenever one need rectification information.
If you have customers from different locations and deal with them through internet protocol than you must keep records. FTP application let you keep all the records in case you need it in future for any clarification.
It records all the file transaction that happens between branch office and Head Office through server and store the information in HO FTP server. The application basically get installed in the HO which fetch the file transfer data from the server itself.
The cost depends on the communication structure you have installed in your office. To get more specific rates and expert advice, contact us. Our expert will guide you through the process so that you get it at best price.
This is an application that will be installed in a computer in head office. Other pre-requisite is also necessary to install this application. However, once you contact us, our expert will install it in you HO system and will give you user demo as well.

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