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FXS stands Foreign Exchange Station that converts the signal analog to digital and FXO Foreign Exchange Office that convert the signal digital to analog.

To connect analog phone with computer we need an FXS gateway in which all analog lines will be insert & it will be configure with the unified communication system over the local network. On the other side we need an FXO gateway to be configuring to receive the signal passing by FXS Gateway via unified communication system which helps to make & answer the calls through the analog phone.

Inbound call:

  • FXS receives the call & throw to the FXO gateway via Unified Communication System.
  • Phone Rings
  • You can answer the call when you wish to require

Outbound Call:

  • You will pick up the phone receiver and dial the number
  • FXO will pass the call to the FXS gateway via Unified communication system.
Sometimes CLI is blocked by service provider end & in that case gateway is unable to capture the same. It can be enable to requesting the provider.
It is available in range of 2, 4,8,16 ports etc. each port will consist a single line.

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