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GSM Gateway


GSM gateways became more familiar with industries getting relied on telephonic communication to maintain business relations. It helps to connect business stations in remote locations where fixed lines cannot reach. This device works to fulfill GSM trunking needs that save investment expenses of mobile calls. It converts fixed-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls.

GSM gateways are used in organizations that are called call centers, where call center operators accept and make a large number of calls. As a rule, gateways are used to make outgoing calls from operators call centers. Once we atrtt using GSM gateways we have the full control functionality and also the feature of live tracking of the call via which operator it is dialed and also the connections and the disconnection time of that call. GSM gateways can be configured with the PARTH UCS , access to all the call related features. These gateways are available in various models.

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