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Model: Aria 4 port GSM gateway

It comes with four GSM/3G SIM support systems in a compact design. This device enables integrated GSM/3G connectivity and open standard SIP support that connects easily with IP phones, IP-PBX software and hosted SIP trucking services. It is perfect to maintain communication between remote stations and main offices.

Model: Aria 8 port GSM gateway

These devices are designed with rich technical specification to reduce expenses of business communication. It is very easy to handle, and get installs without much hassle due to its web-based preferences. All standard hardware and advanced software configurations has been used to build this device. Configuration with existing IP-PBX, PBX soft switches like Lynx Server or Elastic is made easy for this device. It has 8 GSM channels that can easily bridge IP systems to GSM network.

Model: Aria 16 port GSM gateway

It comes with high-end hardware and software design to fulfill demand of updated business standards. It is compatible with GSM/SIM connection that saves business communication investments. It is compatible with SIM Cloud and SIM bank as well. All you need is to insert your SIM card into this device and configure it with telephone lines. Due to this easy-handle feature, it performs well in a stable manner. Its antenna configuration makes it easy to install with maximum 16 lines.

Model: Aria 32 port GSM gateway

It offers multi-channel communication facility with configuring up to 32 telephone lines with it. It works well between VoIP and mobile networks, and is the smartest variant of Aria GSM gateways. To maintain such a high-end connection limit, it is build with all modern hardware & software. It offers quick change of SIM cards without any hassle and keeps installation process very simple.

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