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1. Complaint Management System:

Automated Complaint Management System: IVRS to manage internal complaint of the campus for, electricity, housekeeping, plumbing, IT etc. Users can book their complaint calling on IVRS number; IVR will provide complaint number to user along with a 4-digit key to close complaint as per his satisfaction. Complaint can be automatically forwarded to the concern technician. Technician can call on IVR & close the complaint or can inform the supervisor.

2. Voice Message Blasting:

Parth 600 can send bulk voice Messages to users for any important event like any public meeting, fire incident, emergency, any social activity etc.

3. Bill Reminders:

Parth 600 can remind users for outstanding amounts due against their units.

4. Audio Conference or live voice broadcasting:

Parth 600 has capability to connect multiple users in conference with authentication id, call conference can be recorded also. It also has provision to broadcast voice message to multiple users.

5. Extensions on Mobile

You can also use any smart phone as extension using soft phone software on mobile

6. Third Party CRM/ ERP Integration:

We have API to integrate with third party CRM/ ERP for click to dial, phone book etc.

7. Click to Dial from Client ERP:

Parth 600 API can be integrated with any ERP/ CRM of client for click to dial application.

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