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PARTH Conference Bridge

Multi Party Conference

Conference Bridge is important for connecting multiple participants in a single group or multi-group conversations. Now a day, organizations are spread over different demographical locations requires high-end connectivity to maintain communication between different branches.

PARTH is 30-120 Channels embedded telephonic Conference Bridge System offers quick connectivity facility among different groups. It is very cost effective and reduces communication expenses with its exclusive features. It can be used with ISDN PRI E1/T1/SIP/H.323 Trunk & can be connected with direct E1 line or through PBX or GSM PRI gateway. It also offers voice recording for post-session performance review which is important for organizational work. PARTH Conference Bridge is easy to connect with landline or mobile which makes it easy to handle.

Some important Features:

  • Connectivity through ISDN PRI, SIP or Analog Line / Extensions
  • Plug & Play – No complex Installation
  • Entry through PIN or w/o PIN
  • Name announcement on user entry & leaving
  • Welcome Greeting and plays music if admin not joined
  • 10 -120 Concurrent Users License with multiple groups
  • Option to Lock Conference, after pre-defined time
  • Software based application run on Linux centos OS
  • Conference Call recoding and outbound conference
  • Mute/unmute facility, forceful exit of participant by Admin
  • UI to monitor live participants & MIS reporting of conferences
  • System can automatically call all participants at pre-schedule time & add them in conference.

PARTH Conference Bridge for Corporate offices:

  • Sales conference
  • Support conference
  • Product awareness
  • Training purpose
  • Emergency action discussion

PARTH Conference Bridge for Spiritual Speech:

  • Any spiritual guru can interact easily & quickly with their followers & managers with minimal cost
  • Speech can be recorded for further references & followers can hear previous speech any time
  • Speech can be heard directly on phone or on speakers at various locations at a time
  • Followers, Managers can ask their queries

PARTH Conference Bridge for Management Guru Application:

  • A management guru can interact with many people & transfer his knowledge to many people easily & effectively

PARTH-Conference Bridge for Government Administration & political parties

  • Government department head or leader can interact with their multiple subordinates any time without travelling long distance
  • Play important tool at the time of election to boost their followers & officers & guide them after regular interval
  • It is also useful for government to communicate their achievements & work with states, district & gram panchayat level & direct public
  • A person working at lower post like gram panchayat can directly interact with Prime minister easily & can report his grievance & suggestion.
  • Subordinates do not need any resources other than mobile phone or landline
  • Conversation is secure
  • Conversation can be recorded & stored for future reference
  • It is important tool to connect remote location people effectively & securely
  • Other person can raise his hand to ask question at the end of leader interaction
  • It is also very important tool at the time of disaster to manage the situation & update

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