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MES complaint management system

MES complaint management system

Military Engineering Services requires an integrated communication system to maintain their employee complaint services. MES system also needs to contain a status delivery system to ensure about the complaint status.

Aria IVRS offer excellent MES management with its high-end technical specification. With this system, it is easier to register a complaint and track progress of it. It accepts complaints as per configuration made by the user. It also sends automated SMS and email alert throughout the complaint mitigation process. It also offers easy connectivity between both end parties to assure uninterrupted communication.

Features of MES complaint management system

  • Welcome message on startup
  • Easy complaint registration process
  • Raise tickets, sends automated SMS/Email
  • Separate GUI will be provided to update complaint status and monitoring
  • Offers complaint process status report
  • MIS Reports, Daily /Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • Complaint status and type based reports

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