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NGO helpline suit

Aria PARTH 30C –NGO helpline suit

A call center requires the most excellent category communication system that offers connectivity without any network issues. Complete call center suit comprises of different devices including IP PBX , IVRS , OBD IVRS, Conference Bridge, Telephone Recording System, Contact Center Solution , Help Line System and many more. All these devices require a higher level of connectivity with zero networking issues.

Aria PARTH 30C offers complete call center solution with its unique and improved technical features. This suit requires minimum wiring for installation as it is made to integrate with existing communication system. It works over the existing LAN network and PBX cabling to speed up the communication system. It integrates easily with existing CRM /ERP/ My SQL Database and offers high level of communication efficiency. This call center suit is perfect for both small, large and medium sized enterprises & organizations.

Exclusive Aria Call Center Application Features

  • Customizable CRM: PARTH 30C has inbuilt 45 field CRM to manage caller data which can be customized as per organizational process needs. It offers three different management option including drop down, text box or calendar facility. It is easy to integrate with third party web based CRM or ERP for client pop-up.
  • MIS Reporting: PARTH 30C has rich MIS generation facility which offers excellent Agent report, performance report, ACD report, Call Recording, Disposition wise report, date & time wise report, campaign wise report, Incoming / Outgoing report, Abandon Call Report.
  • Live Monitoring: It offers live monitoring for all sort of campaign / ACD group live. It also offers barge & wisher agent facility including forceful logout of any agent.
  • Call Features: PARTH 30C support 5 party conferences including call transfer to other agent or outside parties. It also offers Call Hold, Mute/ Unmute facility which are extremely required for call center communication.
  • Agent Terminal: PARTH 30C provide liberty to have multiple option as agent terminal like, Hard IP phone, Soft Phone, FXS Gateway, Mobile phone, EPABX etc.
  • Telephone Recording: PARTH 30C provide 100% agent conversation with search & play, Live brag-in, Whispering etc
  • Customizable Disposition: Three level Disposition, MIS can be generated as per disposition

Exclusive technical features

  • Suitable for Inbound / Outbound Process of domestic call Center
  • SUp to 30 Agent Support on Single BOX and up to 60 Agent support with additional database server
  • SUp to 60 concurrent calls
  • SInbuilt IP PBX Support, ACD/ UCD and IVRS
  • SFlexible Extension numbering
  • SSupport IP Phone, FXS Gateway,FXO Gateway, SIP & IAX
  • SSoft phone on desktop / Mobile phone compatibility
  • SSMS & Email integration (Optional)
  • SSupport ISDN PRI through PCI-eCard Gateway, Analog Trunk through FXO Gateway / FXO Card, GSM Trunk through GSM Gateway
  • SCall Transfer, Caller ID, Call Hold / Un Hold, Mute, Music On Hold facility
  • SConversation Recording, Predictive Dialing & OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Canceller)
  • SConference Room with 5 Party Conference facility
  • SIAX2 Trunk and PSTN Analog Trunk
  • SConfigure via WEB interface
  • SCodec: G.711u/a, G.729, GSM

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