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Any organization that has call center or office communication center must have this application to track employee activities. It helps to track which if the employee is on call and who is on hold etc. This application keeps records for all data in the server so that HO can use it whenever required.
Once you have the application installed and logged into your account, you can add a location through the panel. In the panel, you will see a tab “add location” which you need to click. Select accurate values from the dropdown menu and save the changes.
Once the application is installed into Ho computer, Login into it with accurate credentials. Add a location manually and select the location to view real time monitoring.
You need the followings to install this application:
  • Window Server-2012
  • Static IP
  • Recording backup
To set up the application you will need to install it into a computer. Than you will need to log into the user panel by using credentials given by us. You can later change the password manually. While installing the system, you will also get a user manual from us that will help you with application operation.
Once you log into the application, you will see a tab “Change password”. Click on that and follow the on-screen instructions. It will let you change the password for your user panel.

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