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Business Flow Chart

This section of the document specifies the functional requirements of client. It would provide complete work flow of complaint via Multiple mediums and specified the details that user should receive on successful implementation.

Workflow of Complete Complaint cycle

As call connects with Agents, the system will call client API to get details of consumer such as Name, Key Code etc. on basis of Mobile number.

There will be two types of such system call will be applicable:

  • a) Information Call-One button will be given on user screen to access CRM consumer page. The user will then check the respective details and share with the agent.
  • b) Register complaint- Clicking on complaint button will take the agent to CRM page of consumer details. In there the agent will be able to generate complaint based on issues like No Current, Other Complaints, and Transfer Burnt etc. and in response share the complaint number with him.

Complaint Assign to FRT - Based on selected Subdivision, complaint would be going to bucket of concern FRT. They get alert while receiving complaint assigned by system (auto-assigned) or administrator.

  • Accepted complaint would add into task list, One SMS will be push to consumers with tracking link of FRT.
  • On closure of complaint, User will take consumer's signature & comments on android phone & also capture the Latitude & longitude of consumer site. All the captured details through mobile app will be pushing to CRM back to maintain the records.
  • Rejected complaint will ask reason from user and sent to administrator. Complaints can be rejected due to out of scope or not lying in FRT Area.
  • Complaint status will be triggering back to CRM if will not get any action via FRT side within predefined time

Complaint status will be triggering back to CRM if will not get any action via FRT side within predefined time

  • a) Feedback call On closure - Agent would do the outbound calling on closure request to get consumer feedback on resolution provided by FRT. Complaint will be closed If consumer will be satisfied by provided resolution otherwise complaint will be open & escalate to team as per the hierarchy.
  • b) Follow up calling – Agent would do follow ups for resolutions on escalated cases. Complaints will be specified in different color code at every stage to ease of understanding.

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