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Customer Relationship Management

CRM or Customer Relationship Management dashboard has two different modules comprises of Administrator and user front.

Agent Module

Agent module will be defined as per instructed by admin. The Agent will need to log into CRM with provide did& password and will be able to do following task

  • Can add remarks/note.
  • Closure/Feedback calling
  • Complaint Registration
  • Escalate any complaint to further levels/Follow up
  • Provide information to consumer if any request raised
  • Searching for consumer details with K.No. , Mobile, Email, Name etc.
  • Business Requirement

  • Agent can only select one option at a time
  • Agent can view complete consumer details by clicking on row of a grid.
  • After searching, Screen would appear with complete details of the registered caller.
  • Validation should be applied on Reset/Search/ Generate tab

Note: login page would be common for all user roles and user types. Login is validated as per domain policies and would accept only valid domain login details mapped to the process.

Incoming Call popup

CRM system would be integrated with CTI (dialer) to provide telephony features. System would capture CLI i.e. Incoming call number through CTI system and pass into the API as a response to CRM.

This Number should search into CRM whether number or caller is registered with system or not. If number found in data base then system should show caller details else redirect to search page to find details with other mobile number.

Administrator Module

Admin user will manage user logins & their profiles, Add Shutdown Activity, Add SMS Template and MIS Section

  • Admin will have options of add/edit/delete user profiles for different login types such as Caller, Supervisor/TL, Manager, Divisional Helpdesk users.
  • Admin Can assign Functions to Particular users like they will have authority to view reports, tracking of complaints & many more and also set Privilege to role like allow specific permissions to users about to do activities.
  • In report section, admin can search the reports with available filters and can be extract in excel.

Following sections will be there in the admin module.

  • 1. Login Page
  • 2. User Management

      Add/Edit/Delete Users

    • In this section, admin user can create the login credentials for the different types of users for different roles respectively.
    • Business Requirements

    • It is mandatory to enter the valid details in the Open form.
    • Validations are applicable in all the fields as per the business logic
    • Drop-down box include values of user type like admin, Caller, Manager & Login Type like web.
    • Admin can modify/delete the already created agent login profile
  • 3. Role Management
    • Admin has rights to create different users for different roles like Manager/TL etc. and also assign the task for to do activities.
  • 4. Option to Add Power Shutdown Activity
    • This activity will be planning at Admin & Supervisor level
    • There will be few fields available to capture details while adding any of shutdown details follows
    • Business Requirement:

    • Above fields should be editable like Date & time, Colonies & Shutdown information and rest will be marking as non-editable.
    • If consumer call to register any of complaint within the shutdown area that time message should be appear on caller CRM screen with the shutdown details to convey the consumer.
    • Alert should be appear to the entire supervisor team 15 minutes before to closing the shutdown.
  • 5. SMS Template
    • Option require at admin panel to add SMS Template based on Complaint Category.

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