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PARTH-TVRS – Standalone Telephone Recording System

Telephone recording is essential tool in corporate, financial, BPO / KPO organization to keep the record of the telephone conversation. PARTH TVRS is multi channels standalone telephonic Voice Recording System, it can be used with ISDN PRI E1/T1/SIP Trunk & can be connected with direct E1 line or through PBX, GSM PRI gateway etc.

  • Standalone Appliance
  • Series Connectivity of PRI
  • SMDR Integration Optional)
  • Support Incoming/ outgoing / DID no
  • Plug & Play – No complex Installation
  • GSM/ MP3 Compression
  • Light & Open Source My SQL Data Base
  • Searching by number, date, time etc.
  • Automatic FTP backup (Optional)
  • Monitoring & Search UI
  • 30 Port in Single Appliance
  • Automatically Record All Conversation
  • System Health Voice based alarm
  • System health alerts on email
  • Record particular Extensions
  • Live Monitoring on Computer
  • Live Monitoring on Mobile (Optional)
  • Forward Recorded Call on Mobile (Optional)
  • High Quality hardware
  • Channels wise monitoring
  • Trunk port wise monitoring
  • IVR Welcome message (Optional)

PARTH TVRS Applications

Airlines Enquires & Airport Communication

Airport operation is very sensitive matter, even small error can invite bigger danger. There are lot of enquires on airport regarding flight arrival & departure, which need to be recorded for quality & accuracy purpose. There is lot conversation happen between two airports, which need to be recorded to avoid any error. Aria Voice Logger can also be used to record communication between pilot & ground control room. Even airport staff


In business & corporates recording all transactions that are dealt over phone with clients to ensure perfect customer service. Regular monitoring and assessment improves service quality resulting in increased customer satisfaction. It helps to maintain the quality of services to clients using Aria voice logger for corporates & offices.

Call Centers

As all business happens on telephone in call centres, so proof of calls conversation is very important there. Agent needs to provide accurate & quality information to client; a single mistake can cause inevitable damage to call Center business. In order to maintain the quality of your process, it is more important that the call Center executive or agent should be aware of phone etiquette and manners other than the subject knowledge of the process. Also, to retain the existing customers, it requires companies to focus on special practices that attract clients to continue relation with you. Therefore, to minimize the risk of any disconnect in agreement with clients while having conversation with customer care agents it is important to use Aria Voice Logger. It is also recommended by TRAI to use Voice Logger for all call Centers.

Enquiry & Customer Care Help Desk

The support personnel or help desk executive in enquiry offices should attend all the incoming calls in a polite and friendly manner with efficient information of the process. To keep the quality checks on calls are weather executives dealt properly and the caller is satisfied with the response from the customer service, Aria call monitoring and recording solutions can be implemented for interaction verification. It will also help to maintain the call report of one particular executive.

Financial Institutions

RBI make it mandatory for all financial transaction conversation to use Voice Logger. Call recording plays a vital role in banks, stock markets, foreign exchange markets, real estate markets, insurance companies etc. Wherever the transactions in the financial offices are carried out over phone, a small mistake of single word can change the complete game. When any disputearises, these recordings play vital role as it provide option to company to refer call recording in case it is required. It helps resolving the disputes. Telephone call recording in banks, financial companies, insurance companies & there authorized agents is mandatory function. Aria Parth Voice Logger provide them stable & secure platform to record telephonic conversation with extensive features. Since Aria Voice Logger is originally design & developed by Aria Telecom R&D team, its provide flexibility to customize & integrate further with your existing CRM/ERP.

Health Care

Telephone Call recording is essential in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals & tele medicine centers etc. When doctor dictates the medicine over phone; it is always preferable to record the details. There may arise circumstances when the recording has to be verified for safety purposes. Even call recording in pharmacy can be utilised as a precautionary measure. In clinics, consultation appointments over phone can be recorded which can be cross-verified at any later time in case of discrepancies.

Police Control Room & other citizens Help Lines

Telephone call recording in police control room, Ambulance help line, Women & children help line, legal offices etc. can be implemented for public security & quality measures. Each call can be automatically recorded with telephone number time date etc. for future investigation in delay of services or miscommunication, as these services are very sensitive & used in emergency. Timing is very important factor in reaching of ambulance & fire brigade to it destination, so little carelessness can cause major disaster. So, Aria Voice Logger play important role & help government to provide quality & transparent services to its citizens.

Police Investigation:

  • Interception recording
  • Monitoring on Mobile
  • SMS / Email alert on mobile on specific number call
  • Live & recorded call divert on investigation officer mobile number
  • Echo Cancelation
  • Gain control
  • File editing
  • Full duplex
  • Telephone protocol support, SIP/ ISDN, FXO/ GSM, H.323
  • Live listening of call when suspect is on call on computer or on external number
  • UI for monitoring, search & play
  • Call marking, important etc.
  • Classification of call based on crime, user based flag & priorities
  • Only authorized user can access data
  • Facility to enter suspect name, address other information
  • Advance analysis of suspect MIS
  • Important suspect notification
  • Editing of voice file, removing noise etc.
  • Back & restore facility
  • Fax recording
  • GIS integration
  • Geo Fencing
  • Geo analysis

Power Grid & Electricity Distribution:

There are lot of communication happen on between central grids & state grid for power distribution

Stock Brokers

In share trading business, most of the dealing happens over phone. False communication or any error in communication can result in huge loss, to assure safe and secure dealings – recording of all telephone transactions related to share trading are been mandatory by SEBI. Aria Voice Logger provide many important feature for specifically for share brokers industry like transferring all voice file to head office automatically & monitoring all branches/Franchises activities sitting in HO.

Travel & Transportation

Work efficiency & accuracy in Help Lines related to railways, airways, waterways can be enhanced with the implementation of call recording solutions. Recording telephonic conversation between customers and support staff are essential for monitoring insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction. Even the tele conversation between multi offices can be recorded for future verifications. Telephone call recording can also be implemented in shipping, offices like courier firms, cargo and logistic departments where most of the interaction with the customers for the pick-up and delivery of shipments take place over phone. Aria Voice Logger help the clients to improve quality of services.

Core Benefits of Having TVRS in Organisation

Quality Control

Using Aria Voice Logger Client can control quality of the process & monitored on a regular basis to enhance the performance of the employees & process. Regular monitoring of live and historical calls not benefit the client to filter the most productive staff for appraisal but it helps the employees to enhance the communication skill.

Customer Satisfaction

All clients are important whether they are companies or individuals. They are important for your organisation growth. Unsatisfied clients will not continue to do business with the companies from whom they are buying. To maintain a healthy relationship with the clients we need to provide excellent support service. Recording of telephone calls and interaction analysis helps to ensure the best possible services to the clients. Daily analysis of recorded data over phone reduces spoken errors and improves performance thus resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

Dispute Resolution

Recording of the telephone conversation can be priceless whenever there is dispute on deal offered on telephone in your business. The recorded conversations act as an important proof to solve the differences and retain the respect of your customers.

Policy Compliance

The Executive in your organisation is aware of the call monitoring process taking place at the back-end. This makes the staff to be more cautious while talking to the customer over phone. The support personnel will adhere to company policies and regulations, and thus there will be less chance of spoken errors.

Organizational Development

Using of Voice Logger in business to record all telephone conversation help to improve the quality of process & enhance the customer satisfaction. If you clients are satisfied you are getting repeated business from your clients, nobody can stop the organisation to grow.

Performance Management

There are chances that your staff while answering the calls may commit speech errors. The staff can hear their own voice conversations with the customer to avoid mistakes and improve call etiquette. And it will help them to improve

Compliance of government policies

In many process like call Center, telemarketing, financials, hotel, share broking and in many more business there are law of mandatory recording of telephone recording. So use of voice logger is mandatory.

To maintain law & order

Sometime investigating agencies anti-terrorist squad etc. record telephone of some suspects & targets to trap them & know their activities. So, Aria Voice Logger help them recording of telephone calls, SMSs etc. & alert them in case it is required.

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