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Voice Logger Device

Telephone Recording Hardware & software System

Voice Logger is essential tool in organizations these days to keep the record of telephonic conversation on day to day basis. Aria make voice logger for all type of telephone lines like analog lines, digital ISDN PRI/ E1/ T1 lines etc. Voice Logger record all telephonic conversation along with time, date & telephone number called or received. You can further search by time date, telephone number. extension number, DID, note etc.

Aria Voice Loggers are equipped with Aria's Indigenous Software technology, which make it stable & flexible to customized further. Aria make voice logger in different variants to suite client connectivity requirement like USB, PCI, PCI-e, Standalone with Hard disk & SD card. For more detail, you can click on below given pictures for detail Description of different connectivity voice Loggers.

USB Voice Logger

Aria Telecom has designed a robust and reliable device which are used for Recording purpose. This Device are widely used for Telephony system.

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ISDN PRI Voice Logger

The Recording can be done on ISDN PRI Trunk Line. It Provides completer call centre details of Caller Details with duration and other relevant details.

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Voice Logger PCI Card

This device is actually used in PC where this cards will be located in PCI slots and start the recording.

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Embedded Voice Logger

This only requires a power supply. Internet Facility can be opted to listen records other than office premises and inside the office premises.

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Single Port Standalone

AR-5201 Telephone Recording Instrument With Answering Machine One of the Best Embedded Telephone Recording with Answering Machine

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