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PARTH UCS is equipped with all call centric traits. It boosts up the efficiency level of a call center up to six times with its efficient features that are inbuilt in a ready to install box.

  • Cost irrespective: The small appliance is economical with all the default features for the call center industry.
  • Multiple trunk connectivity: Parth UCS can be used for both inbound and outbound processes as it is capable of multiple trunk setup like inbuilt SIP trunk connectivity for international/domestic trunk connectivity and multiple through CTI hardware.
  • User Friendly Agent/Admin Interface: The interface of both agent and admin is user friendly and eye catchy with all the functionalities. Let’s the user to go into depth with an ease of fetching each and every related detailed information.

Inbound & outbound

Parth UCS offers both inbound and outbound communications within a single interface

Call Recording

Parth UCS record all inbound and outbound calls in built-in hard disk for further listening to any call recordings at any time to ensure compliance with quality standards.

On Call Options

Parth UCS offers many important on call features like hold, mute, transfer and call conferencing

Call Queues Options

Parth UCS offer comprehensive call distribution mechanism to enhance your callers call queue waiting experience with features such as queue callback, custom music and messages


Parth UCS offer click to call API to integrate with any third-party CRM

Call Disposition

After completion of each call add call summary notes and disposition codes to your call log and integrated CRM to ensure that relevant customer information is retained. Parth UCS offer three level customizable Disposition.

Office hours module

Parth UCS offer flexibility to fix business hours as per your convenience

Intelligent Routing

Parth UCS is very intelligent & flexible routing your call to local extension or on external mobile or landline number

Automatic Call distributor (ACD)

Parth UCS can distribute your call as per your choice, you can use multiple campaign & department as per requirement. ACD department can be selected in IVR message.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

Parth UCS offer UI to configure multi-level IVR to ensure better performance. Caller can reach directly to desired departments without any manual intervention

Skill based Routing

Aria Parth UCS has multiple options to use for call distribution like ACD, UCD, Skill based routing etc.


Parth UCS has flexibility to connect calls to mobile phones, SIP phones or landline to enable your team to remain connected, even when working remotely.

Number Masking

Parth UCS UI ensure customer privacy and retain business by encrypting the customer’s and vendor’s number, disallowing them to directly contact each other

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Parth UCS offer Computer Telephony Integration to connect with your CRM, you can have the benefits of not toggling between applications for a comprehensive customer interaction

Business Tools Integration

Parth UCS offer seamless integration with CRM, help desk software, ticketing platform and other business applications

Contact History

Parth UCS display customer interaction history on executive screen, including previous calls, remarks etc..


Parth UCS can be integrated with aria namaste LiveChat on your website and engage with the Customers in real time to provide instant resolution

Integrated SMS/ Email

SMS/Email can be integrated through API with Parth UCS to maximize the use of communicators time by connecting the providers to the customers at a quick pace.

Call Monitoring

Aria Parth UCS offer tool to administrator to listen to calls in real-time, without the agent or the caller knowing, to silently guarantee quality standards are being met

Call Monitoring

Aria Parth UCS offer tool to administrator to listen to calls in real-time, without the agent or the caller knowing, to silently guarantee quality standards are being met

Call Barging

Drop in on live calls to speak with both the caller and agent to reduce call transfers and increase customer satisfaction.

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