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Corporate Calling Solution


Aria Corporate Calling Solution is designed to provide high-end calling solutions that any corporate firms need. It offers the advanced telephony technology that is require to handle efficient calling process. It let the users place call to any place of the world virtually to build a global business communication system.

Facilities offered by this system include placing call, recording conversation, live monitoring, reporting, and call queue management. It comes in a package of a hardware device and software which requires no wiring at all for installation as it work over LAN connection. Moreover, it does not require any additional telephony technology for building connection as it connects to IP phone and analog phone both.

This solution not only ease the calling process but also cut down calling costs by almost 90% in compare to traditional network calling. For international calling, this solution works best due to its advance design that enables it to place call to anywhere in the world. For corporate clients, we offer 24X7 customer service support.

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