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It is an interactive voice response system. It is a technology that allows computer to interact with humans through voice and DTMF inputs and provide responses in the form of voice, email, call back and other. IVR is especially important when call volumes are high.
It is an asterisk based solution &works on OS Centos 6.8. Along with the OS we need to install the compatible software packages & drivers to make run IVRS successfully.
Yes, its supports both the lines for the digital line need a Voice board/PRI card supported to E1/T1 connections. For analog lines need an FXS gateway, it is available port wise 2, 4,8,16 & so on.
The recommended sampling rate for wave files is 8 KHz, 16 bit, mono.
It includes Sangoma, Digium, Caudalfin, Synway, Dinstar etc.
Yes Database access in possible via DB plugin which supports ODBC connections.
We provide the User interface with the facility of login credentials. There will be separate section of MIS to get detailed information by applying multi searching filters with Caller Number, caller connect time, disconnect time, call duration & Inputs punched by the caller etc.
It’s a window based application and need a window PC to be hosted.
We have a team of Technical Support Engineers to contact them you can call on 0120-4763963 or write us on They will help you for the minor problems remotely or if any major issues exist that will be sorted out by aligning physical visit as well. Our Business hours are 09:30am to 06:30pm Monday-Saturday.

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