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Quality Control

Using Aria Voice Logger Client can control quality of the process & monitored on a regular basis to enhance the performance of the employees& process. Regular monitoring of live and historical calls not benefit the client to filter the most productive staff for appraisal but it helps the employees to enhance the communication skill.

Customer Satisfaction

All clients are important whether they are companies or individuals. They are important for your organisation growth. Unsatisfied clients will not continue to do business with the companies from whom they are buying. To maintain a healthy relationship with the clients we need to provide excellent support service. Recording of telephone calls and interaction analysis helps to ensure the best possible services to the clients. Daily analysis of recorded data over phone reduces spoken errors and improves performance thus resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

Dispute Resolution

Recording of the telephone conversation can be priceless whenever there is dispute on deal offered on telephone in your business. The recorded conversations act as an important proof to solve the differences and retain the respect of your customers.

Policy Compliance

The Executive in your organisation is aware of the call monitoring process taking place at the back-end. This makes the staff to be more cautious while talking to the customer over phone. The support personnel will adhere to company policies and regulations, and thus there will be less chance of spoken errors.

Organisational Development

Using of Voice Logger in business to record all telephone conversation help to improve the quality of process & enhance the customer satisfaction. If you clients are satisfied you are getting repeated business from your clients, nobody can stop the organisation to grow.

Performance Management

There are chances that your staff while answering the calls may commit speech errors. The staff can hear their own voice conversations with the customer to avoid mistakes and improve call etiquette. And it will help them to improve.

Compliance of government policies

In many processes like call Center, telemarketing, financials, hotel, share broking and in many more business there are law of mandatory recording of telephone recording. So use of voice logger is mandatory.

To maintain law & order

Sometimes investigating agencies anti-terrorist squad etc. record telephone of some suspects & targets to trap them & know their activities. So, Aria Voice Logger help them recording of telephone calls, SMS etc. & alert them in case it is required.

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