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It is a telephone voice recording system which helps to record the digital line/PRI helps to evaluating the caller’s performance by listening recording files.
It is an asterisk based solution & works on OS Centos 6.8. Along with the OS we need to install the compatible software packages & drivers to make run system successfully.
Yes, we can plug-in the multiple lines in one PRI card as it is available in terms of 1,2, 4 port & so on.
It’s a window based application and need a window PC to be hosted.
Here two reasons can be exist either the permission is not provided to window system IP address via access through Recording server or due to available antivirus user is not able to login into application.
Sometimes CLI is blocked through service provider so it can be enable by asking them or might be we are picking the phone early and getting CLI after 3-4 rings.
Yes it can be possible, one direct line will be inserting into PRI Recording Machine and outcome will be going into EP-PBX then further lines will be distributed in terms of extensions.
Yes its support but two cases are exist

Note: When you will dial another extension; the call should be route via recording system firstthen further proceed via EPBX.

Ext. No 1------Recording System-----EPBX-----Ext. No.2

System should consist IIS Manager (Internet Information Services) to be installed in it.
Yes it is possible; Feature is available of Assign functions to role/userafter thatuser will be able to view or utilize the functions only which was assigned by admin.
Provision is available in User interface to Play/Download the can be individually download or batch wise.

Red Light Indicates: Either PRI is down or compatible software is not installed to configure the PRI line.

Green Light Indicates: PRI is Up or successfully configured with the system.

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