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Up to 16 telephone lines can be recorded in a single computer system with this device. The lines will be connected through USB to this device. Te computer system will need to have the software installed to record calls through this device.
It depends on the memory space you are having in your computer system. For example, 800000 minutes can be recorded into an 80 GB hard disk.
Yes, you can do so by connecting the trunk lines directly to your telephone recording system.
Yes, you can do so by using call bargein technology through your computer.
You can access the recorded calls anytime from your computer system and listen to them with the help of a headphone.
Yes, you can do so by connecting your trunk lines parallel to your telephone recording system. But with 8port voice logger, the number is limited to 8 extensions only.
Yes, it does display missed call information with date, time and caller’s number. It supports DTMF & FSK caller ID format.
For direct trunk lines, it does not displays intercom numbers but shows the own native telephone line numbers. But if you connect selected intercom devices, than it will show their specific extension numbers in the call display list.

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