History of Call Center Headset

by Shreya Dey,on Wed Nov 30,2017

Call center headsets are no doubt a fine example of technology invention and human hard work. This invention has now accepted hugely for everyday communication but it was not that improvised in the beginning. Let’s go through the history check of headset evolution here.

1910: The very first headset designed by a student from Stanford University namely Nathaniel Baldwin. 100 piece of those headsets were sold to the US army and were highly appreciated by the American pilots.

1960s: The pilots were more keen to have a light weight headsets and thus during 60s, headsets become lighter. With the invention of telephone, the light weight headsets caught more popularity due to system board mechanic’s demand. Soon the demand for a headset that sit around the ear were developed and many such models came out as well. Those models of call center headsets can be still found in many offices.

1990s: With the introduction of mobile phones, the evolution of headsets reached to its next stage. The headsets now become hands-free and wireless to allow the users use it on the move. As time evolved, the Bluetooth technology was aided to headsets to make it more casual. The only thing disturbing the users were surrounding noise that used to affect the communication.

2000 onwards: The technology did not stopped its steps with wireless headsets but went further to make it more comfortable for office uses. The advancement of technology reaches to its next level when it realized that normal headsets are not a good fit for office environment. Continuing the trend of invention, noise canceling headsets arrived. These headsets were equipped with great noise cancelation technology that cancels the surrounding noise while the user uses it. Noise cancellation headsets were hugely adopted by the customer care around the world so that they can have a better customer communication.

Call center headsets have now reached to a limit where invention has made it lighter, thinner and efficient. The history of headsets is rich with invention steps that amazed us all the way through. We may not able to guess the next big invention in call center headset evolution but we can expect something great for sure.


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