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Standing constantly as a world leader amongst CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solutions provider in India, Aria Telecom has accessed extensive ranges of call centers or contact centers, companies for offering variety of call center headset, dial pads, telephone headsets and other telephonic devices. Kind of call center headset, telephone headset manufactured by Aria is of unique design and simply connected to fixed-line telephone system and work also by swapping handset of telephone. These are of optimum quality and flexible to use by connecting with PC and Telephone lines.

We develop the Telephone headset for call center with all-embracing research and addition of right kind of technology to present unique design to our broad aspect of clients. These call center headsets are available with standard 4P4C (also called RJ-9 connectors) with 2.5mm jack sockets that meet with requirements of ranges of DECT phones and other applications. Our call center headsets are backed by latest technology and features, including also noise canceling microphone that supports in avoiding background noise.

We supply headsets which are comfortable, easy-to-use, reliable and of high standards. Our products like headsets, headphones, microphones, hands free device, and earphones are utilized in industries like audio, communication, and multimedia. We currently supply these telephone headsets, call center in India and many other regions in the world like USA, Japan and Europe.

Our team of technical experts is always keen to learn and innovate with the latest technologies in the market. They will sit with you and develop a merchandize which is fully customized according to your concept. The process of development will include proper R&D, testing on various platforms, quality control and ensuring high performance every time.

In order to grow and increase the scope of our services, we have been working with some international companies to develop better equipments and devices. Our premium quality call center telephone headsets in delhi suits to the entire needs.

Our in-house manufacturig has all the facilities like:

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  • We are using the voice logger product of Aria Telecom Solutions and we are fully satisfied with this product and services Click here
  • Aria voice logger is being used since 2010. Product is advantageous towards customer satisfaction. Service rendered towards any issues related is being attended immediately without delay. Thank You. Click here
  • I am using Voice Logger since 3 years in 5 different locations. Product is really good and the service they provide is on time. Click here
  • We are using the Dialer of Aria Telecom Solutions. Aria Dialer is being used since 2010. Product is advantageous towards customer satisfaction Click here
  • We have an installation set up of Aria PRI logger...As the device is used for Telephone Recording and successfully Aria Support Team has installed it very well. They provided proper training on this with proper assistance. Support Team Head Ms. Yogita Chabhra has successfully installed the system and its absolutely working fine without any hindrance... Sumit Nigam CP Branch Monarch Click here
  • We awarded comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for the year 2016-17 for Dial 100 Application at our two locations (Kashipur & Rudrapur) to Aria Telecom Solutions (p) Ltd. Aria Telecom upgraded the software & running the technology smoothly & trouble free. We are satisfied with your technology & support system. You as a relationship manager is very co-operative & always there for any help. Your technical team is also co-operative and has good knowledge of product. Click here

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