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IVRS System

IVR or Interactive Voice Response system is much known for its higher technology that let computers interact with human through using automated voice. Using IVR not only eases the process of customer service but also let the customer hold for a while when needed. It also identify customer segmentation and route calls to the appropriate department. If you are thinking that it is hard to setup an IVRthat it’s wrong. Technology has now improved to such an extent that installing IVR need only internet connection and a web browser. To setup pre-recorded message through IVR also takes only few minutes. Once installed, IVR starts greeting customer with automated messages for each incoming calls.

IVR is extremely customer friendly and it let you limit the number of prompts that a customer going to listen. Limiting the prompts decides at what point customers will be directed to the agent. Basically, it helps the organization to automate customer support system and collects first information data from the customer before routing the calls to an agent.Moreover, the most efficient feature of this system is its skill-based routing that let the customers speak with a most appropriate agent as per requirement. While other devices may conduct mistake in routing calls, IVR never fails in skill-based routing. It also rout VIP customers to the agent at first priority basis. It not only improves customer experience but IVR also improves company and agent’s efficiency. For instance, if an agent get stucked they can put the customer on hold with playing hold music and ask manager for expert advice. In this way, not only customers get best services but also agents get the scope to improve their performance.

Finally, one point to add is it’s not costly to setup an IVR, it demands very low installation cost. Even it does not require higher maintenance cost after installation which makes it very affordable for businesses.It is clear and proven for years that IVR is beneficiary for any organization that involves telephonic customer service system. With improved customer service system, Interactive Voice Response system helps in generating higher ROI.

Features of IVR System:

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