Voice mail is a means to exchange the voice message through mobile, personal computer. It also enables to select and deliver voice data to individuals, businesses via simple phone. Nowadays, every individuals and organizations are required to send voice mail in order to deliver their message to particular person and business for improving the business ethics. Aria Telecom is a leading Telecom Solution Provider, and Designed and Developed the cutting-edge pc based voice mail system that is based on customer demand. Our rich featured and vMail system runs very perfectly on the general computer and converts the PC into TVRS and IVRS.

Aria is developed the UCS vMail on most prominent CTI board Intel Dialogic hardware, also windows based software and totally being user friendly when it comes to operate as an auto attendant, voice mail, call out, paging, voice mail to email, and SMS alerts on mobile according to demand of customer. Aria gives full commitment to provide cost-effective and most up-to-date technology to wide gamut of clients. Our R&D team has come up with highly flexible and advanced products named as Aria UCS vMail or pc based voice mail in Delhi that boasts the entire industry standard Unified Communication Features.

As we are specializing in providing complete voice processing solutions that are of state-of-the-art technology, we are catering Telephone Voice Recording System (voice logger), Interactive Voice Response System (IVR System), Telephone Headsets, CCS Predictive Dialer, PC Based Voice Logger, Embedded Voice Logger, Conference Bridge, GSM gateway etc to various corporate houses and call Centres in India as well as other nations.

Some Important features of the Products are:>

  • Very light & compact system , Smooth working
  • XML based, Hence required no data base
  • Welcome greeting, Lunch Greeting, Non-Business Hour greeting option.
  • Seven Department Option to program with company & product information
  • Unlimited Mail box with Voice Message to delivered on Email
  • SMS alert for new message (Optional)

Our voice mail system is integrated with PBX's and Central Office Switches that are supported by Nortel, Avaya, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NEC, Cisco Call Manager, IP-PBX, and Harris 20/20, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Coral , Matrix Accord , Crystal, Syntel etc. We make available of cost-effective package to our industry based clients that gives a solution to answer telephone call by playing company's main greeting and then permit caller to press a key and be directed to an extension. If the extension is busy or no answer, gives the caller the option to leave a message. Voice Message can be delivered to the users email id.

Through our PC Based Voice Mail with Email Alerts, the subscribers can simply ready his message by calling the system and inputting his pass code. They have also the choice for each message to go to next message, listen again, get the caller ID, time of the message, and delete the message. Subscriber as also option to record personal greeting and name that Aria UCS vMail plays the personal greeting message before recording.

PC based Voice Mail (UCS vMail) supports several language but standard language is English. Our offering software is of course adaptable and customizable. It may be customized to suit all of your operational needs, and should your users be familiar with another call processing system, it may be customized to look and functions like that system.

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