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General PBX

ARIA- PARTH(1600)Unified Communication Systems Features and Specifications:-

The phone calls are always the first mode to seek contact in any type of a work....So, various Modes were also developed and hereby developing but the best option are always considered....So, there is the same case that how PBX manufacturer are moving themselves towards their Role in IP-PBX....The Reason behind this are various and are mentioned in this document.

Here the illustration and major details of General PBX and IP-PBX are mentioned which helps person to differentiate and can help to choose the best option.

1.General PBX(Public Branch Exchange):- The working of General PBX and IP-PBX are same but the techniques behind the working are different. The traditional PBX or Analog Phone Systems exist on the physical exchange of any premises or Firm.

The major which lay down this system was the costing....In this system the connectivity was done from point to point through multiple wires...It overall increase the costing and manpower of organizations.

The Support and maintenance of the Traditional EPBAX was very high.

Some Points of EPBAX:-

IP-PBX:- Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange

Aria PARTH IP-PBX involves latest technology in prospects for calling like Voice Mail and many more. The connectivity undergoes very easy in this.

Usage of Aria Parth-1600 IP-PBX:-

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