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Organization Name: Techmen Compusoft Pvt. Ltd.

Client Requirement:

Need an interactive voice response system to book the patient's appointment with the doctor. Target user for the system is patient or caller. We can allocate a unique number to every doctor which can be used by the patient to book the appointment through IVR.

What we have offered:

We have allotted Unique Number to doctors. Patient will call on one of thosen umbers welcome message will be play with doctor's name. System will offer a choice prior up to 3 days booking (Today, Tomorrow and Day after tomorrow) and also offer a time slot (Morning, Afternoon & Evening) as patient will give input by DTMF,IVR will pass the basic details of booking Patient phone no., Date and Time slot to system via API. System will check the availability based on the choices received and provide the appointment date and available time back to IVR via API.

If the appointment is available then the IVR will make a call to patient and ask for the confirmation for appointment and it will provide two option first one is for confirmation or second one is to change the choice as per patient input it will precede accordingly. If the appointment is NOT available based on the preference provided by patient, the system will pass on the next earliest available date and time to the IVR system which IVR will play back to patient that time patient will have two options either he can confirm the appointment provided by system or he can choose slot again as per his choice.

Once the Patient will give confirmation, Thanks message will be play and call will be drop.

Apart From the IVR, We have provided some features also as per requirement.

  • Doctor can be alerted about the new appointment by email / SMS/ Mobile apps.
  • Web based GUI will be provided to doctor to check appointments.
  • Doctors can also change his availability by calling on IVR or logging on website or through mobile apps.

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