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Parth Police Dial 100 Application Systems

Having police protection in any country is basic necessity of citizens of the country, Dial 100 is common number to contact for citizen for any help they required for law & order related matters. Even in some countries this the only number to contact for medical emergency & Fire safety as well. For citizen, it just to dial 100 number from any type of phone they have but at the back-ground Police need technology to maintain huge traffic of calls. Police control room should be equipped with technology to get quick call on call tacker computer with all detail of the caller if there in in the record along with his actual location to provide immediate help. For the same system should be integrated with digital map .


To create fully integrated communication and controlled 'Police Response System'; and To enable the general public to make emergency calls for getting prompt and effective police services.

How it works

ARIA provides a flexibility to create your own CRM. First time call will land on Aria System. An option has been provided in the CRM to enter call dispositions, where call tacker will choose name of the Police Station, Police Officer etc. SMS will get dropped on the basis of selected dispositions by the agent. As soon as the complaint gets resolved by the Police Officer, he will send an update to the agent(s). Search option shall be provided as agent will search the complaint number and shall update the latest remark & close the complaint. On emergency call , call can be monitored by call dispatcher on live call , even call dispatcher can monitor call tackers remarks to take quick action on the call.

Advance features of ParthUCS Dial 100- Unified Communication System:

  • The automated 'Dial UCS System' handles calls incoming from PSTN, GSM/CDMA/WLL Media.
  • It will have two call takers, two dispatchers and one supervisor console. Supervisor console shall be able to work as call – taker in case of need.
  • Facility for GPS-enabled Automated Vehicle Tracking System (AVTS) shall be available.
  • The PA (Police Assistance)-Dial 100 operator and dispatcher positions should be equipped with facility to add text in English to the Incident Sheet.
  • The System shall be integrated with the Telephone databases to get the address of the caller.
  • The System shall be integrated with the centrally integrated Digital Voice Logging System in addition to the individual recording of calls.
  • All possible online/ offline reports shall be available in tabular form.
  • Call Centre

Automated Dial 100 System has various call centre facility. All the calls will be directed to the call center. Ring of the distress caller’s phone should ring on operator’s head set and also flash on the screen simultaneously on the concerned dispatcher screen in case of an emergency call.

Call taking and data Input: The role of a call taker is very important because it is the source which has to communicate through people who are in trouble and has to feed all details fetch from them in database of Police Dial-100 Systems. The default timings will be provided to call taker to fill all the details correctly in the system. This is the person who has to act very actively because they have to listen to people’s problem and pass all the information accordingly to Police officers who are on duty to act instantly.

Emergency Case: An emergency is a situation poses at immediate risk and are about to Control In frequent mode…In that call taker will automatically has to increase their response time with filling up minimal details of people (Like Event& Location)The dispatcher will be informed with all an updated status. There will be further action to be conferencing system through which dispatcher gets directly in touch with the people in trouble with further action to move properly

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