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Parth Unified communication System is best solution for all kind of IVR applications with or without your existing database. You can make your own call flow & can integrate with your existing EPABX & further with CRM/ERP with APIs.

Some important features are:

  • Support SS7, ISDN PRI, Analog Line, GSM & SIP Trunk
  • Can design your own call flow
  • Can connect call to agent on local extensions or on mobile as per client requirement
  • Call flow can be dynamic & can fetch data from client data base or CRM/ERP
  • Parth IVRS can be integrated with client existing EPABX before or after EPABX
  • SMS/ Email can be further integrated for update & alerts
  • Can be used for banking, insurance, Auto Complaint booking, automated help line etc. applications
  • Keep your own data base secured in your premises
  • Embedded solution
  • Easy to customize

Parth For IVRS based Complaint Management System:

IVR based automated Complaint Management System: Parth UCS has inbuilt IVRS to manage internal complaint of general maintenance of the campus for, electricity, housekeeping, plumbing, IT etc. Users can book their complaint calling on IVRS number, IVR will provide complaint number to user along with a 4-digit key to close complaint as per his satisfaction. Complaint can be automatically forwarded to the concern technician automatically Technician can call on IVR & close the complaint or can inform the supervisor.

OBD IVR (Voice Message Blasting)

Parth UCS can send bulk voice message to users for any important event like any public meeting, fire incident, emergency, any social activity etc. It is very useful for election campaign , payment reminders, service reminder , birthday anniversary greetings, transaction alerts OTP sending.

IVRS Features:

Parth UCS has inbuilt solution for IVRS with or without your existing Phone System. Connect with your existing PBX through ISDN or SIP Configure complex IVRS as per choice Integrate with your Database / ERP / CRM Use for inbound or outbound call Send dynamic OBD IVRS messages Multiple language, department message option in IVRS Different message for different process, non-business hours, holiday etc. Make your own tree Support up to 60 channel IVRS Important Call Center Application Features:

Customizable CRM

Parth 30C has inbuilt 45 field CRM to manage caller data, CRM can be customized as per client process. We have three option to manage like, Drop down, text box or calendar. Third party web based CRM or ERP also can be integrated for client pop-up Customizable Disposition: Three level Disposition, MIS can be generated as per disposition.

Live Monitoring

You can monitor all your campaign / ACD group live, you can barge & wisher the agent. Option to forceful logout of any agent, Call Features Parth 30C support 5 party conference, call transfer to other agent or outside party, Call Hold, Mute/ Unmute etc.


Parth 30C provide UCS 100% agent conversation with search & play, Live brag-in, Whispering etc Agent Terminal: Parth 30C provide liberty to have multiple option as agent terminal like, Hard IP phone, Soft Phone, FXS Gateway, Mobile phone, EPABX etc. Third Party CRM/ ERP Integration: We have API to integrate with third party CRM/ ERP for click to dial, phone book etc.

MIS Reporting

Parth 30C has rich MIS generation facility like Agent report. Agent performance report, ACD report, Call Recording, Disposition wise report, date & time wise report, campaign wise report, Incoming / Outgoing report, Abandon Call Report

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