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Why Restaurants Needs IVR

by Shreya Dey,on Wed Aug 22,2017

Technical modernization has affected all business industries with a great affected and so as the restaurant business.The traditional dining out cultur


Gather Together With Conferencing

by Cheena,on Wed Aug 21,2017

Gathering number of people in your workplace can sometimes


Expenses of Toll Free Number

by Shreya Dey,on Wed Aug 18,2017

Communication is the most import


Why use Digital IVR

by Shreya Dey,on Wed Aug 17,2017

There are many reasons that have


IP PBX For 1000 Users

by Cheena,on Wed Aug 10,2017

Today, increasing number of enterprise is discarding traditional PBX system in favor of IP PBX. IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exc


GSM Gateway Take Over Indian

by Shreya Dey,on Wed Aug 10,2017

Using GSM gateways became popular in last few years when industries focused on synchronizing their communication system to omit long-distance issues.


IP Phone

by Ramesh,on Wed Aug 08,2017

Nowadays  telephone is an amazing invention to communication people over any distance. Companies have wide and various choices to use telephone system


Bulk SMS Service

by Cheena,on Wed Jul 27,2017

In today's era of communication and business environment, it becomes much necessary to save time for marketing and promotion of product and services. 


Best Headset for Noisy Call Center

by Cheena,on Wed Jul 13,2017

Background sound is actual problem of every call center or customer service center offices. When noise is spread out to the customer through telephone


IVR for Feedback

by Cheena,on Wed Jun 27,2017

The observation of receiver's response is called feedback. When you are receiving your customer's feedback and taking an actionable step, this will he


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