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IVR for Complaint Booking

Being a term of computerized call processing, IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is just a technology and using the phone calls to identify the voice and touch tones. The IVR system is connected with computer and responsible for received and answered the entire calls. It can also reply with dynamically created audio to callers can directly interact for particular information and details. This automated communication system is interrelated with voice, SMS, FAX, Internet Services, and Databases etc that creates totally new solutions.

Today, large number of Call Centers or Contact Centers, Industries, Financial Companies etc is being aware about this automated voice processing system to enhance relationship with customer and put the organizations on the way of growth. Many government organizations and NGOs adopt the interactive voice response system to give people facilities like complaint booking. So, Aria Telecom introduces IVRS for complaint booking that an organization can use for their great purpose of helping people or customers with complete delighted services.

We are leader in catering better voice processing solution including interactive voice response system for complaint booking that is developed by our highly experienced team of Engineer and R&D team who are dedicated to bestow customer a real solutions with real world experience of call processing system, make us also leading IVRS supplier in Delhi Ncr.

Aria UCS Complaint Management IVRS works with various functionalities such as:

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Aria IVRS can be customized such that it is best suited for local areas with number of residents within the premises. The IVRS will have a repository of independent modules that will help the client manage their database, make connections with the residents and manage information better. The IVR system can automatically distribute complaints to the concerned people, so that the calls are attended every time, without fail.

Because of this organized IVR-based complaint management system the turn-around time of attending the complaints can be reduced drastically, which will lead to more satisfied residents.

Hence a simple telephone instrument can be turned into a powerful input/output device through which all kinds of transactions could be performed with assured security and data integrity. The system could be used by residents for registering resource requirements or faults.

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