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IVR for Election Helpline

India is the world's biggest democracy and polling system in India is a prime example of the best time and occasion management. This appreciates the most nations of the world, where democracy is crucial. Cutting across different sequential and spatial miscellanies, there is a separate unity in the electoral process around the nation. The role of election commission along with election helpline india is actually essential, rendered the character to the Indian Election over the years.

Election in India is a challenge and major role provided by Election Commission along with advanced technologies and tools like election helpline India makes the electoral procedure simple and flexible. Aria Telecom is a cutting-edge solution provider company, offers advanced IVRS for election helpline that is developed by latest technology and totally easy in use. Impending one is always more intimidating tan the earlier one but commission always take this as a challenge and make sure the citizens a free, fair and peaceful elections with high dynamism and leadership.

Given the situation, Aria Telecom has developed IVRS that includes also election helpline number, is of state of the art and easy to use technology platform. We give following solution to help election commission to facilitate the citizen and election personal.



Services to Election Personals

Mobile Training Kit:

We have designed easy to use election related help line application which can be hosted on mobile. It does not require any internet or voice call connectivity. The help line is in HINDI language to understand better.

Services to Citizens:

IVRS based Call back Training Kit:

Election personal can on provided telephone number, call will get disconnected, so there is no telephone call charges applied to an individual. IVR will disconnect their call and generate call to their mobile number automatically, and Person can hear his required information.

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