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IVR Software

Our IVR software is essential for every business to handle all customer related inquiries. Aria IVR software enables businesses to interact with prospects and customers either through the use of a touch tone keypad leveraging. Aria IVR software is usage for surveys, promotions, payments, polls, brand awareness, inbound sales, outbound sales, marketing, loyalty programs, accounting, operations and more. Our focus is on boosting business by Aria IVR software. Aria IVR software used to automate direct inbound traffic and using scripting to route calls accordingly. Our IVR software is suitable for small call center, Medium call center and BPO, KPO etc. Aria IVR software can manage all incoming and outgoing calls for business Hassel free.

IVR Software in Rajkot Gujarat

Aria Telecom is Best IVR software provider in Industry for inbound & outbound IVRS, Can send & receive dynamic IVRS like bill reminders, policy dues reminders etc in Rajkot-Gujarat. Aria IVR software is used call center to improve customer efficiency. Our IVR Software is cost effective and user friendly software. We are the best IVR software provider for startups with rich features. Aria Telecom provides IVR Software which increase number of leads and fulfill the customers enquiries. And the script can be providing according to customer requirement.

IVR Software providers in Rajkot Gujarat

We are IVR Sofware providers in Rajkot-Gujarat which is used for handling inbound calls, but also for outbound notifications, e.g. to remind the client to make a payment. Aria Telecom provides IVR software in Rajkot-Gujarat which provides team work more efficient. Our IVR software in Rajkot-Gujarat Pradesh forwards the client’s call directly to the agent’s phone number. Our IVR Software in Rajkot-Gujarat is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

IVR Software supplier in Rajkot Gujarat

Aria IVR Software supplier in Rajkot Gujarat is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company. Startups and smaller companies can use Aria IVRs software in Rajkot-Gujarat to make it appear that their company is larger than it actually is. It improves company image in market. We are the best IVR software provider in Rajkot-Gujarat for startups with rich features. We also ensure to provide high client satisfaction rate and maximum customizable services in IVR software in Rajkot-Gujarat. We provide the advance technology according to market demand and business needs.

IVR Software for call center

Aria IVR Software is a software solution for call centers to automatically answer & route calls to the right agent/department using CRM integration. Aria IVR software is an automated customer service solution that uses pre-recorded responses to meet caller needs – perfect for call centers. Agent can work remotely and attend call by our IVR Software for Call Center. Our IVR Software is most commonly used for call center which is successfully running in big government help lines like Discom Help line, Police Dial 100, Ambulance Help Line, Legal Help Line, Nagar Nigam Help Line , Women Help Line , HIV Help lines etc.

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