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Ticketing CRM Software is very important tool for any organization to provide effective services to their customers/consumers. Aria Telecom developed best end to end ticketing System for end-to-end ticketing management. The ticketing System Software providescomplete process starting from registration of complaints, auto distribution of ticket, escalation & closer of complaints/ Tickets. Ticketing CRM Softwareis centralized web Based application system to host on private or public data center forall customers related complaints register in the master Data Base irrespective of customer location/ branch etc. .

Ticketing CRM Software in India

Customer Service sector &government help line in India are improving their working style very fast in last five-seven years. To provide better services to customers / consumers / citizens any organization need proper ticketing CRM Software to track every ticket & satisfactory closer for the same. Forfast & effective resolution of tickets you should have effective ticketing CRM Software irrespective of your technical team & their intentions. Provide assured and timely services to the customers/ customers / citizensas per the stipulated time frames (Service Levels mentioned in the RERC regulations)

These are the important components of our ticketing CRM Software for electricity distribution Companies.

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Ticketing CRM Software System Applications

Ticketing CRM Software system can be used for any type of technical or administration process weather it is a customer service industry or government organization or public administration department. We have developed such a smart ticketing CRM Software System whichcan be used for any kind process automation. Ticketing CRM Software System can manage all type of complaint grievances & keep a record of them in digital form for future reference. Ticketing CRM Software System can be integrated with CTI, ACD, IVR Solution & client / department customer data.

Ticketing CRM Software -Unified Communication Integration

Our Ticketing CRM Software System is such a smart ticketing CRM Software platform which provide facility to communicate through various communication modes like Voice call , call center , IVRS, SMS, WhatsApp, Mobile App , Web Portal , Public Help line , Social media etc.

Consumer can register the complaints via any of the communication medium mainly through the following but can be extended as per the need & technical feasibility. The system shall identify the consumers, who have accessed the system earlier.

  • a) Voice Call to Customer Care Center(Call Center)
  • b) Through Department Consumer Mobile App.
  • c) Through Department Web Portal
  • d) Through pre-defined SMS Text via registered mobile number.
  • e) Through Web Chat.
  • f) Through social media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc.
  • g) In person to Department Help Desk and any office of Discom.
  • h) In case consumer approaches to call center by any medium for the first time, the system shall ask the consumers whether his mobile number / email / social media account may be registered for the future reorganization.
Complaint Management System / Ticket Auto Allocation

All the complaints/ Ticket irrespective of its nature shall be stored in the centralized database & shall segregate all the complaint based on the type of complaint. After segregation of complaints , Complaint Management System will allocate them automatically to the concert team for further resolution

Complaint Escalation System

The system itself without any manual intervention shall escalate the complaints in various manners as per the predefined process. Concerned officer will be intimated by CRM notification & by SMS, email , WhatsApp etc. for escalation of particular complaints

Ticket / Complaint Closer / Resolution

Field Rectification Team can close the complaint with customer happy code sent to consumer by the ticketing CRM at the time registration of the complaint. The feature enhances the Quality of the process &satisfaction of consumer reducing fake complaints closer.

Field Rectification Team - Mobile Application

Field Rectification team carry an android based mobile application to receive & communicate for all complaints allotted to them by centralized CRM. They should accept / reject the allotted complaint/ ticket within the given time frame to avoid any escalation & fast resolution of complaints. FRT APP also has the function to mark Start, Reached , Start Working , Resolved , Pending Buttons for better centralized monitoring on each complaint / Ticket

Live Monitoring

Progress on each & every ticket/ complaint can be monitored on centralized dashboard. They can contact field team & can guide for root & seriousness of the ticket time by time if required .

Integrations with Department Other Application

Ticketing CRM Software tool is designed with maximum automation of the process for error free operation. The Ticketing CRM Toll can be further integrated with various applications of department like.

  • Integration with Scada
  • Integration with Billing System
  • Integration with Consumer app
  • Integration with Employ App
  • Integration with department & other government web Portals
  • Integration with any existing & upcoming application
  • Total Open/Closed/Pending/ Escalated Complaints counts
  • Searching Parameters will be available to get report date wise/Hourly Basis/Weekly/Monthly
  • Division Wise/Complaint type wise/Source of complaint wise Report etc.
  • Escalated Cases Report -if any of complaint will not be resolve within define TAT that will be show in this section
  • Graphical Representation of Report

Who can be the users of Ticketing CRM Software System : Service Industry , product company , service oriented company , Discoms , Government Department , Help Line etc. , Customer grievance Cell, Citizen Grievance cell.

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