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Predictive dialer is an automated dialing system that enables call Centre to dramatically increase the number of callings surprisingly. It connect agents to calls only if the call is actually answered by a human. It eliminates the time wasting for unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnected lines, or answering fax machines, answering machines and any other automatic services.

Predictive dialers use statistical algorithm to predict agent availability and average time for phone calls to be answered. With considering both, it adjusts the dialing rate accordingly. Predictive dialer software calculates exactly when an agent will be available to take up a call. According to that, it speeds up and slows down the dialing rate. An efficient predictive dialer can analyze unsuccessful calls to determine if any number needs call back or special handling, or manual call by any agent.

The Aria Predictive Dialer software uses statistical intelligence to predict when agents will become available, to adjust the dialing rate. It also analyzes the unsuccessful calls to determine if they need a call back later. Aria Predictive Dialer software is smart enough to triple the talk time. It also offers a variety of dialing modes to suit business needs. It also consider time zones and list penetration while dialing numbers.

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  • Add, Edit & Delete multiple User/Campaign/ACD group
  • Agent can view missed call data in his panel
  • Caller call History-On live call, you can check the previous history of the particular customer.
  • CRM Builder, Dialing Result
  • Disposition up to 3 level
  • Integration Of Customer CRM-if customer is having own CRM we can integrate with our system
  • IVRS Report, MIS Reports, Role Management and Script Manager
  • Queue Management-if all agents are busy, calls can be in queue
  • Set call back-Can set alarm for the follow up with customers, once you will set the callback, you will get a reminder on your screen at the same time.
  • Update Remarks, Fill disposition (Call Status, Feedback)
  • Reporting Management with accuracy in agentreports , call reports , call history , recordings and lot more.
  • Client Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Cost Effective Product with all the best possible functionalities.
  • No Server Required.
  • No GSM Gateway required.
  • Easy Installation

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