ACD software in India

ACD software are also called automatic call distribution software that allow to call centers to distribute incoming calls, emails, SMS to agents based on customer need.

The ACD software in India improves customers experiences by making sure they are connected to a capable agent in quickest time. Our ACD software uses that data to sort and distribute the calls.. Our ACD software purpose is to help the call centers and manage large volumes of calls to avoid overwhelming the team in India.

ACD software providers

We are ACD software providers with comprehensive call distribution for call centers. ACD software automatically receives the incoming calls and distribute them to available agentsWe are ACD software providers in India with caller information, call queueing, and Call routing. We provide ACD software in call centers, corporate houses and small or big industries in India.

ACD software’s are very important in contact center & call center solutions for both inbound and outbound calls.

ACD software company in India

Aria Telecom is ACD software company in India with totally advanced features. ACD software allow for companies to acquire usage data such as the number of incoming calls ,amount of time an agent spends up on the phone with caller, total number of calls (incoming & outgoing), length of calls, waiting time before the call was answered etc. and ACD software allows the managers and admin to engage in call monitoring ,call conferencing ,call barging and whisper etc.

We are here to provide the ACD software with all the above mention features in India.

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Automatic Call Distribution

  • Priority Call
  • Call Reports
  • Recording Call
  • Music on Hold
  • Lets Agent to respond Multiple Lines
  • Off Site Abilities
  • Call Monitoring
  • Instant Messaging between Agent to Agent
  • Custom Hold Messages
  • Advanced Call Routing Choices

ACD can be used in following sectors:

  • Call Centres
  • Real estate
  • Educational institutes
  • Human resources agencies
  • Debt recovery agencies
  • Easy call routing among groups
  • Instant response to incoming calls
  • More cost efficient
  • Improves agent productivity

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