OPD appointment system

OPD appointment system is an online patient appointment booking system for doctor using IVRS, Website/ Portal and Mobile app. Our OPD appointment system is easy to use and user friendly system. Our OPD appointment system is available on the internet, allows patients to book an appointment from the comfort of their homes, using their computer, laptop or mobile, and at any time. Patient can book appointment via IVR, website portal and Mobile app. Our OPD appointment system saves time and money for both doctor and patient. There is no need to travel the patient. Patient and doctor both can avoid inconvenience. Our OPD appointment system is a web based and mobile app based appointment system.

Doctor appointment IVR

Aria Online Doctor appointment system is a unique appointment booking system through IVR. Aria Telecom provides a mobile number to every doctor which can be used by patient to book appointment through IVR. We designed customized IVR call flow as per customer or doctor requirement. We always believe in fulfill client demand as per present scenario in business. Patient can give his feedback by IVR also. Aria Doctor Appointment IVR gives citizens the freedom to book appointment at any time and from anywhere. Our focus is to provide Doctor Appointment IVR to make less pressure on staff or doctor. Aria Doctor appointment IVR is a affordable booking system for small and big hospitals.

OPD appointment system providers in India

Aria Telecom is a leading OPD appointment system provider in India for both Doctor and patient with many satisfied client across India/world. Buy advanced OPD appointment system with secure and IVR, Website/portal and Mobile app features. We have many testimonials in India like doctors and hospitals etc. We provide OPD appointment system which improve operational and staff efficiency. Our target is to provide very quick service to patient through OPD appointment system where they can easily check the available slots without having to reach out to hospital/clinics directly in India. We provide high end Software Services and tools to the organizations benefiting the needs of the clients en-large.

OPD appointment system suppliers in India

Aria Telecom is one of the best and most affordable OPD appointment system suppliers in India from many years. We supply OPD appointment system which decreases patient wait time and increases satisfaction. Our OPD appointment system services available 24*7 hours. Patient can book their appointment any time. Aria OPD appointment system is running in many government and private hospitals and clinics. We always try to supply hassle free OPD appointment system to clients in India. Aria OPD appointment system helps to control visitor staff in India. We ensure that our OPD appointment system enhance employees productivity. Aria Telecom is focused on the deliverables of OPD appointment system in India and target to provide highly customizable software and services.

Solution Overview

We are going to provide to our client a patient appointment booking solution using IVRS, Website/portal and Mobile app. Target user for the system is patient. We will allocate a unique number to every doctor which can be used by the patient to book the appointment through IVR.

IVR Appointment Booking

Call Flow Description

We have allotted Unique Number to doctors. Patient will call on one of those numbers welcome message will be play with doctor’s name. System will offer a choice prior up to 3 days booking (Today, Tomorrow and Day after tomorrow) and also offer a time slot (Morning, Afternoon & Evening) as patient will give input by DTMF,IVR will pass the basic details of booking Patient phone no., Date and Time slot to system via API.

System will check the availability based on the choices received and provide the appointment date and available time back to IVR via API.

If the appointment is available then the IVR will make a call to patient and ask for the confirmation for appointment and it will provide two option first one is for confirmation or second one is to change the choice as per patient input it will precede accordingly.

If the appointment is not available based on the preference provided by patient, the system will pass on the next earliest available date and time to the IVR system which IVR will play back to patient that time patient will have two options either he can confirm the appointment provided by system or he can choose slot again as per his choice.

Once the Patient will give confirmation, Thanks message will be play and call will be drop.

Web Based Appointment

Patient will go to the website/portal to book appointment through online form. Patient will fill up all the details accordingly. After submitting the form, Confirmation Message will be send to patient’s mobile number. A Day before appointment: A reminder message will be sent to patient mobile number.

Front Desk Appointment Booking

CRM Solution

  • There will always be some requirement for the staff to maintain appointment centrally, easily change, shift the appointment and to book the appointment for walkin patients.
  • We will provide a web based CRM solution to the staff. All the staff can access our web based CRM tool from anywhere, anytime. You can view, make or cancel appointments and can integrate any other features as per requirements.

Admin features

The main features of admin module are given below:-

  • Manage appointments
  • Manage Patient details
  • Manage doctors details
  • View Appointments statistics
  • Rating Details

Doctor/Staff (Agent) features:-

  • Easy and User friendly Sign Up, Sign In
  • Account Password Recovery
  • View Appointments
  • Manage appointments
  • Make new appointments
  • Can updates edit profiles and can add images.
Appointment Booking through Mobile App

Patient can book appointment via mobile app. whenever appointment is booked, a confirmation message will be sent to patient mobile number. A day before appointment, a reminder will be sent to patient mobile number.

Advanced features:-

  • Signup with basic details
  • Login using Email and password
  • Forget password
  • Create and edit patient profile
  • Map integration for the location purpose
  • Acknowledgment to patient for appointment booking, cancellation or delay.
Patient Feedback System through IVRS

Outbound IVR (OBD IVR):-

  • Calls are sent out to the contact numbers from the database provided by the customer/patient. An outbound call is triggered and a predefined IVR call flow is played to the user/patient.
  • Based on the input entered by the user/patient, the smart IVR system will take over or the call gets disconnected.
  • The responses entered by the users can be sent in real-time to an end-point specified the company
  • Separate MIS Reports will be provided for the same.

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