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Contact Center Solution is the best communication solution available in the low budget. Aria offers the smart voice logger along with the features of the dialer. In today’s business scenario it is mandatory to keep a record of all the communication held between the client and the executives. Contact Center solution provides all the features such as recording calls, reporting, monitoring, agent’s performance report etc. Aria Contact Center solution has utilized available sources to produce an outstanding PC based voice logger with rich functionalities. ARIA-5002 is two Channel Voice Recording System with USB connectivity which can be used with direct GSM FCT, telephone lines, EPABX extensions, VOIP, FXS/ FXO, Wireless Radio equipment etc and can have ‘N’ number of connected agents.

Aria contact Center solution also comes with auto Call Distribution feature that distributes all outbound and inbound call among all the agents without any biasing. This procedure helps calls to get transferred to the most relevant agent who has the ability to handle that specific requirement of the caller. Apart from the above features, Aria contact Center solution offers a lot of facilities such as call disposition, live monitoring, IVRS reports, Role management, MIS reports, Script manager etc.

This amazing contact Center solution comes software form which is installed in the computer and further agents can be logged in to their systems and can call via analog phones.

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Agent Screen :

  • Aria CRM with 45 fields to enter Caller Information
  • Agent can view missed call data in his panel
  • Set call back-Can set alarm for the follow up with customers, once you will set the callback, you will get a reminder on your screen at the same time.
  • Update Remarks, Fill disposition (Call Status, Feedback)
  • Today call History- agents can get their current day report
  • Caller call History-On live call, you can check the previous history of the particular customer.

Dialing Method :

  • Click to dial-Dial Pad will be enabled on your screen to dial numbers
  • Manual -Dialing through Hard phone/Analog Phone/Dial pad
  • Auto Dialing-Option will be available to upload the number details into the admin panel. As agent will pick the phone, the number would start dialing and as per the actual call status agent would able to submit the call with dispositions.

Admin Screen :

  • Live Monitoring
  • Add, Edit & Delete multiple User/Campaign/ACD group
  • Integration Of Customer CRM-if customer is having own CRM we can integrate with our system
  • Disposition up to 3 level
  • Script Manager
  • CRM Builder
  • 100% Recording
  • Queue Management-if all agents are busy, calls can be in queue
  • Role Management
  • MIS Reports
  • IVRS Report
  • Dial Result
  • Can Connect with your existing EPABX through SIP or ISDN PRI
  • Connect Agent on IP Phone, Soft Phone, Analog Phone or on existing PBX
  • Connect Agent on Mobile Phone
  • Support ISDN PRI, GSM Trunk, Analog Trunk & VOIP Trunk
  • Support Various Dialling Options like Preview, Progressive & Predictive
  • Support Inbound as well as outbound process
  • Support International & Domestic Call process
  • Agent Can be with or without Computer
  • Inbuilt SIP TRUNK
  • Inbuilt Hard disk for Recording & data storage

Application: Wherever you talk about communication or call Center, ARIA stands along with the solution you require. With the product that would give you an effective and relevant output.

It can be applicable in

  • Real Estate
  • Travel and tourism
  • Call Centers
  • Business
  • Airlines
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance sector
  • Government Sector

Call Center Solutions gives the organization all the benefits that will help out in growth, keeping in mind all the aspects related to the communication process.

  • Reporting Management: It has the ability to get all sort of possible reports that would not let any factor to hit the accuracy ratio of the organization. We can talk this in terms of agent reports , call reports , call history , recordings and lot more.
  • Client Satisfaction: ARIA believes in client satisfaction with the product being given. We are here to serve our clients to the best of our team efforts.
  • Cost Effective Product: This package is an effective cost outcome for all the Centers who do not require to invest much amount in one go. It offers all the best possible functionalities irrespective of the cost.
  • No Server Required: this is a stand alone device which requires no server with no complex configurations. It only requires a window PC to make the agents live.
  • No Gsm Gateway: No cost is required to invest into GSM devices. It can directly be connected to the analog lines.
  • Easy Installation: Installation of this smart device isn't a rocket science. It can easily be installed in a shorter time span.

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