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CTI API for CRM Integration is a modern solution that will simplify business and make it even more “customer oriented”. The functionality that such solutions provide will bring a clear order to the relationship between companies and their customers. Update all your telephony communications in real-time on your CRM platform by using Aria’s CTI API for CRM integration services. Aria CTI APIs allow you to create a secure communication channel to access the Aria cloud telephony service from any third-party application.

CTI API for CRM Integration providers

We are the best and most affordable CTI API for CRM Integration provider’s .It allows companies to take advantage of modern tools to create a successful interaction of company employees with customers, contractors, partners, as well as with managers, and colleagues. The integration will allow the department to resolve disputes between agents: who led the client to purchase and who should receive a bonus for closing the deal. Aria CTI APIs for CRM integration putting efforts to provide customers with latest communication option.

CTI API for CRM Integration developers

Aria provides seamless telephony integrations through APIs. All telephony communications will be automatically updated in real time onto your CRM Platform. Aria develop CTI API for you with CRM integration with a modern tool for an effective business phone system, and it allows you to analyze, control, and optimize the relationship between your agents and customers, thereby increasing productivity and the quality of their work. Aria Telecom is designed CTI API for CRM Integration for housing society, corporate, customer care, small call center, share brokers, hospitals etc in.

CTI API for CRM Integration for POWERFUL communication system

Our CTI API for CRM Integration is a best API for POWERFUL communication system. Eliminate the need to manually perform telephony functions like putting calls on hold, call transfer, call conferencing, etc. with Aria’s powerful CTI API for CRM Integration features. Moreover, you get to automate manual tasks such as automatically uploading the lead list to further boost agent productivity along with auto-routing inbound calls to the most suitable agent based on their skills and expertise.

Features Highlights

Login API

This API allows users to authenticate and obtain an access token for accessing protected resources. The API endpoint is https://ccsapi.ariatelecom.net/api/Login, and it requires sending a JSON payload with the user's credentials.


A logout API is an interface used to log out a user from a system or application. It is commonly accessed through a specific URL, such as https://ccsapi.ariatelecom.net/api/Logout.

Dial Number

The /api/DialNumber endpoint allows users to initiate a call to a specified phone number. This API is used to facilitate outbound calling functionality

Call Hold

The /api/CallHold endpoint is used to place an ongoing call on hold. This allows users to temporarily pause a call and resume it later.

Call UnHold

The /api/CallUnHold endpoint is used to resume a call that has been placed on hold. This API allows users to unhold a call and continue the conversation.

Call Transfer

The /api/CallTransfer endpoint allows users to transfer an ongoing call to another destination, such as a different phone number or extension. This API enables call transfer functionality within the system or application.

Call Conference

a) Enable Conference

The /api/CallConference/EnableConference endpoint is used to enable a conference call feature for a user. This API allows users to initiate and participate in conference calls with multiple participants.

b) Add in Conference

The /api/CallConference/AddInConference endpoint is used to add a participant to an ongoing conference call. This API allows users to dynamically include additional participants in the conference call.

Call Barge

The /api/CallMonitor/Bargin endpoint is used to initiate a barging operation on a call. Barging allows a user to join an ongoing call between two other parties and actively participate in the conversation..

Current Call Detals API

"Current Call Details" API, which provides information about the current call when an agent's phone is ringing or busy, is as follows:


The CDR (Call Detail Record) API allows you to retrieve call details for a specific date range and client ID. It provides information such as call duration, caller ID, agent details, and more.

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