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IVR Integration

Integration of IVR solution integrated with the CRM offers a fully engaged solution that can offer more efficient services to the clients. The IVR integration allows you to use the already available data, stored in the CRM.IVR Integration is a technology that allows users (usually callers) to obtain information from a phone system without the assistance of an operator.IVR Integration improves customer experience.IVR Integrations are used to service high call volumes at lower cost. The IVR integration works in the following way. IVR integration is useful for any organization. However, the customer support Centre, call Centre, and ecommerce leverage the maximum benefit through this.

IVR System integration Provider in India

We are the IVR system integration service Provider in India, It maintains record customizedSMS, calls, and prompts so that when your customers undisputed your company, they will havean increasingly personalized experience, the IVR system has most important features have Usepre-recorded IVR messages, collect information just about callers, automate consumer supportprioritize requirement based value, modernize the visitor image.Aria are leading the best smart IVRS software to our customers.Our IVR System integrationplatform provides ability to develop innovative voice application from VOIP Network, It provides the most common way to communicate with computer and phones that generate key on the telephone keypad.

IVR Integration call service

IVR Integration call service provide best call services with best quality.The IVR integration call serviceor eCommerce encourage up-selling and cross-selling with an easy approach. IVR Integration call service is telephony software technology commonly found in call centers. Aria provides IVR system integration service in which you got a number of benefits of on IVRsoftware solution for the different type of industries like financial IVR integration withsalesforce, can be used by customers to know their profile wastefulness while call centercustomer service support, best IVR service provider solution helps to increase consumer serviceefficiency handle incoming calls spikes, uplift consumer satisfaction.


  • Call Recording, Text to Speech Integration
  • CDRs and Reports
  • Configurable IVR Prompts
  • DTMF Input support, Voice-Tone Input Support
  • Integration with Popular CRMsand Custom CRM
  • IVR Combined Support
  • IVR Scripts and redesigning Current IVR Scripts
  • Multilingual Support
  • Real-time customer Data Access
  • Simple Object Application Protocol (SOAP) Incorporation
  • User-friendly Admin GUI
  • VoiceXML Support&Call Control XML Processor


  • Better sales management&customer satisfaction
  • Deliver personalized services
  • Improved goal conversion&ROI results
  • Increased Up-sell and Cross-sell opportunities
  • Reduced IVR to agent transfer ratio
  • Reduced long-distance carrier cost

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