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Calling from a landline phone is more expensive than calling from a mobile phone. That is why GSM gateway device is very useful for call centers and corporate offices. GSM Gateway provides facility to reduce cost while calling from fixed line to GSM network.

Our GSM Gateway Gateway is a device which reduces costs when calling from a fixed telephone line to GSM network. In general, calling from the fixed network to a mobile network is more expensive than calling between mobile networks, but Aria’s GSM gateway allows you to save the difference.

GSM Gateway Providers in Jaipur

Aria Telecom provides wide range of integrated and scalable GSM Gateway in Jaipur. The device is available with 2,8,16 and 32 channels. Our GSM Gateway offers a 4G LTE enabled flexible GSM solution for the Open Source IP PBX & Call Center Dialers. We are Gateway Providers in Jaipur which implement the state-of-the-art functionality in market as always, and enable the smooth transit between mobile and VoIP networks. Aria’s GSM gateway is suitable for enterprises, multi-site organizations, call terminators and areas with limited landline in Jaipur to cut down telephony costs and enable easy & efficient communications.

GSM Gateway Manufacturers in Jaipur

Aria Telecom is the biggest cost Effective GSM Gateway manufacturer in Jaipur , for Call Center & Office uses. Our GSM gateway has the ability to take a SIM card from a cell provider in your area and connect it to a device which can then connect back to the phone system and be used for incoming and outgoing calls.

GSM Gateway Suppliers in Jaipur

We are is GSM Gateway suppliers in Jaipur and Our GSM Gateway converts landline to mobile calls into mobile to mobile calls. Thus helps in reducing cost of Telecom expenses. Aria’s GSM Gateway can also be used to send and receive SMS Messages. GSM Gateway also functions as a backup to the PRI or Analog trunk lines. SIM Cards can also be connected to GSM Gateways, after which SIMs can be used in rotation.



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