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Voice logger manufactures

Aria Telecom is the effectively providing cost effective voice logger for call center , BPO, KPO etc. We are focusing on the overall dynamic of the voice logger so our focus is on the automation and high scalability performance which ensures on the hassle-free deliverables to the customer. Our Voice logger is suitable for both inbound & outbound Call Center. We are Voice logger manufactures cost effective and better quality with latest technology than others.

Voice logger manufactures in Jaipur

Aria Telecom is a leading Voice logger manufacturer company in Jaipur as embedded voice logger, PRI voice logger standalone voice logger etc. We mainly focus on the client satisfactions and fulfillment of client requirements. We are also determined the on the upgraded technology and Aria Telecom manufactures the best and most affordable Voice logger in Jaipur. Our major clients are Airtel , Jindal and many more.

Voice logger manufactures & providers in Jaipur

Aria Telecom is leading Voice logger manufacturers & provider in Jaipur since 2004. We are trusted provider as business or customer requirements. Aria Voice Logger is used to record telephone conversation of all incoming and outgoing calls. Aria Telecom focuses to offer robust support and services for voice logger in Jaipur.

Voice logger manufactures & suppliers in Jaipur

We are Voice logger manufacturers & suppliers in Jaipur of USB voice logger, 1 port USB voice logger, 2 port call recording logger, 4 port voice logger, 8 port voice logger, 16 port call recorder , Standalone telephone recording, Embedded logger , PR I voice logger, SIP to PRI logger etc. Aria Voice logger used to record all the incoming-Outgoing phone calls from all the phone lines or extensions with Date, Time, Number, and Duration etc.Our voice logger is useful for call center and office communication.

Voice logger for Call Center

Aria Voice logger is most commonly used in call centers. Our Voice logger is used in call center for quality monitoring, training, disputes resolution and regulatory compliances. Aria Voice logger is successfully running in big government help lines like Discom Help line , Police Dial 100, Ambulance Help Line , Legal Help Line , Nagar Nigam Help Line , Women Help Line , HIV Help lines etc

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