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USB Voice Logger manufacturers

Aria Telecom Manufacturers of a wide range of products which include USB Voice Logger , 2 port USB voice logger, 4 port USB voice logger, 8 port USB voice logger, 16 port USB telephone voice logger and 32 port USB voice logger.USB voice logger is recording device to record incoming and outgoing telephone calls with inbuilt ports which are used for connecting telephone line. We manufacture USB Voice logger on best prices and it is very useful for telecom industry solution. Designed and developed from high-grade materials, the USB Voice loggers offered by us have the ability to record inbound and outbound process both.

USB Voice Logger manufacturers in Jammu Kashmir

Aria Telecom is a manufacturer company for USB based voice logger manufactures in Jammu Kashmir with 4port, 8port, 16port etc. Buy best USB voice logger form best telephone recording industry. Aria Telecom is best and most affordable USB voice logger manufactures in Jammu Kashmir from many years. We are offering the high-quality collection of USB Voice Logger in Jammu Kashmir. Our USB Voice logger is used to record meetings, consultations, and discussions with clients/patients staff or other executives. Aria USB voice logger is suitable for small and medium enterprises in Jammu Kashmir. Aria USB Voice logger is an excellent call recording solution that can store real-time recordings in multiple formats- MP3, Wav, Talaw, Tulaw, tg729, and Alaw.

USB Voice logger manufacturers & providers in Jammu Kashmir

Aria Telecom is USB Voice logger manufactures & providers in Jammu Kashmir with its advanced features. Aria Telecom has earned great laurels USB voice logger manufactures & providers in the market at the present scenario in Jammu Kashmir. Aria Telecom have come up with the empowered USB voice logger manufactures & providers in Jammu Kashmir and provide robust support and services in PAN India. Aria Telecom primarily focuses on the deliverables of the USB voice logger in Jammu Kashmir and target to provide the hassle free products.

USB Voice logger manufactures & supplier in Jammu Kashmir

We are USB voice logger manufactures & suppliers in Jammu Kashmir which is able to improve customer service by monitoring the interactions. We supply USB voice logger to record phone, conference calls, Instructions, Debt collection calls, Reminders, Marketing calls, Threat calls, transaction calls etc. Aria Voice logger increases the customer satisfactions. Our focus is on fulfills clients requirements as per business needs. It increases production and business both. Aria USB Voice logger is successfully running in big government help lines like Discom Help line , Police Dial 100, Ambulance Help Line , Legal Help Line , Nagar Nigam Help Line , Women Help Line , HIV Help lines etc in Jammu Kashmir.

USB Voice logger has many features:-

  • Supports automatic recovery after hot-swap and USB port error
  • Audio data can be directly saved in WINDOWS standard WAVE format
  • Software dialing, playing voice prompt during recording on demand
  • Supports AGC in volume, which ensures the volume balance between the remote end and near end during call
  • Play & plug device
  • USB interface

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