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Voice logger manufactures

Aria voice logger is a device used to record audio information from telephones, radios, microphones and other sources for storage on a computer's hard drive or removable media. Aria Voice logger are simple voice recording devices that are used in a number of business settings. Aria voice logger is used by many corporations to log and record discussions between clients and customer service personnel, salespeople and prospective clients, and also any telephone communication desired by the corporation in Kerala. We manufacture voice logger as per business and client demands. Our voice loggers are specially manufactured to record interactions between an agent and a customer. We always get positive feedback from our clients for our products & Services in Kerala.

Voice logger manufactures in Kerala

Aria Telecom is a leading Voice logger manufactures in Kerala as embedded voice logger, PRI voice logger standalone voice logger etc. We are Voice logger manufactures in Kerala where the most effective uses for voice logger in telemarketing business and call centers. Our Voice logger is usage for public safety, customer service call centers and finance. We ensure that our voice logger provides better analysis of customer interaction and improved quality assurance. Aria Voice logger is successfully running in big government help lines like Discom Help line , Police Dial 100, Ambulance Help Line , Legal Help Line , Nagar Nigam Help Line etc.

Voice logger manufactures & providers in Kerala

We are best and most affordable Voice logger manufacturers & provider in Kerala with latest technology. We manufacture & provider Voice logger in Kerala and ensure that Emergency support systems, police departments and other public service organizations also frequently make use of voice logger’s recorders as part of basic operations in Kerala. Aria Voice logger provides clarity in communication with customers. Voice Loggers help in achieving high quality customer-service by empowering the contact centre supervisors and quality coaches to garner information about their agents’ skills and the way they execute them.

Voice logger manufactures & suppliers in Kerala

Aria Telecom is a leading Voice logger manufacturers & suppliers in Kerala since 2004 with 5000 & more satisfied clients across India. We supply Voice logger which are used in business as part of the training process for new salespeople or customer service personnel. Our focus is on boost the security of telecom sector by using our Voice logger. Our Voice loggers are play& plug device. We supply the tool (Voice logger in Kerala) which is user friendly and easy to use device. Voice Loggers are helpful in deciding an agent’s productivity and we ensure that our voice loggers increase the customer efficiency.

Voice logger for Call Center

Aria Voice logger is suitable for both inbound and outbound call center. Aria Voice logger refers to a best calls recording solution for call centers to record every inbound and outbound calls. We provide Voice logger for Call Center industries like telecom, finance, insurance etc. Aria Voice logger for Call Center helps in improving customer service by enabling the upper level management to review the actual telephone conversation with the customer. Aria Voice loggers allow managers to view the daily and live performance reports of the agents in call center. Our major clients are JVVNL , PSPCL ,JDVVNL and many more.

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