Telecom Sector To Hire Ten Million People In Next Five Years: TSSC

By Sreyasi De 07-Apr-2018

As per Telecom Sector Skills Council (TSSC), Indian telecom sector is expected to produce 10 million more jobs by next 5 years. TSSC CEO S.P. Kochhar said that such huge scope of employment will be coming from emerging new telecom areas such as big data automation and IoT (internet of things). Kochhar further added that "There are a lot of services which are enabled by telecom. Telecom is a horizontal play. The distinction between IT, telecom and cyber security is blurring". In last few years, the sector has been grown very rapidly due to the introduction of new technologies and advancements. Previously, telecom sector used to be defined by voice communication which has now dramatically shifted to data that has contributed largely in creating more job scope in the sector. Currently, telecom sector employs over 4 million people through direct and indirect means which is expected to be raised in coming years. The new policies introduced by the Government and increasing trends of using smartphones has accelerated the growth of telecom sector hugely. Both of these reasons has increased demand of manufacturing, server spreading and telecom network requirement across the country. To fulfil these demands, the sector is now expending skill requirements in different spaces of telecom sectors.

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