5G Network To Revolutionize Telecom Sector

By Sreyasi De 22-Dec-2017

The new voice in the telecom sector is %G network launch and all the countries are happily taking part in this rate race. This ultra-fast network is designed to boost domestic telecom sector at the expense of mobile companies. The promotional activities for hyping this upcoming revolution is such high that upcoming the soccer World Cup 2018 in Russia and Winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea will be showcasing this network. In this race, China is leading with starting trials with different mobile network. Huawei is one of such telecom-equipment makers which is part of this trial. China targets to launch commercial 5G network facility by 2020 and expecting a contribution of $440 billion economic value and 8 million vacancies by 2030. On the other hand, the Indian Government also targeting to bring 5G network by 2020. The premier Indian mobile networks are all set to deploy 5G in coming two years. The leading telecom network provider are more focused to shut down 3G in coming year. The survey indicates that 2G network has been drooped already and 3G is also declining with time. 4G network in India is catching the speed gradually and thus mobile operators are more optimistic about shifting to 5G soon.

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