New Telecom Policy Gets Green Signal from Telecom Commission

By Sreyasi De 12-Jul-2018

The New Telecom Policy got green signal from telecom commission (TC). The commission confirmed that the same will be presented to the cabinet for getting approval within 2 weeks’ time. This policy will soon amend telecom licenses to integrate net neutrality rules to include a bar on content blocking or slowing down. The bill was recommended by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in support of implementing open internet which has been now accepted by the highest decision-making body in the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), the TC. This policy also aims to create jobs and attract foreign investment of approx. $100 billion by 2020. telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan said “All recommendations of Trai on net neutrality have been accepted. Its core principles will be followed except in the case of critical services where you need to prioritise certain kinds of traffic. Those categories of critical services that will be notified subsequently by the DoT will be kept out, and that is in line with international practices. A separate regime for critical services will be issued”. The key points: Telcos and ISPs are barred from creating “walled garden” by signing pacts as it may lead to discrimination in web content, protocols or equipment. Any violation in net neutrality license rules will attract huge penalty. However, exceptions are there such as rural healthcare services etc. Content delivery networks that do not uses public internet are exempted from the open web rules.

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