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PRI Gateway enables direct routing of calls between the fixed line ISDN and the cost-effective IP networks for capitalizing on low cost VoIP telephony.PRI Gateway is an effectual solution for emerging enterprises and Cloud InfoTech understands this fact very well. PRI systems can undoubtedly be termed as a revolution in the world of communications. PRI or Primary Rate Interface allows old traditional phone lines to carry voice, data, video, etc successfully. In addition, while using the PRI gateways, agents can send or receive multiple calls at a time.

PRI Gateway Manufacturer in Noida

We are PRI Gateway manufactures in Noida where the biggest advantage of using PRI Gateway is that it can substantially reduce the cost of making use of multiple trunk lines. In fact, it is a great respite for enterprises that are looking forward to lessen their cost of communication. PRI gateway can also lead to minimization of maintenance costs.

ISDN PRI E1 T1 Gateway Supplier in Noida

Our ISDN PRI E1 T1 Gateway is seamlessly combined analog, ISDN, PRI and E1 T1. Aria Telecom is E1 T1 Gateway Supplier in Noida which is suitable for SMBs, Large enterprises, VoIP service providers and System integrators for smooth migration to the new-age IP telephony. ISDN PRI E1 T1 Gateway helps to control the communication overheads and realize an earlier return on investment through advanced features and functionalities.

PRI to SIP Gateway

PRI (Primary Rate Interface) and SIP (Session Initiating Protocol) are two methods used to connect your business to a regional telephone network. Both methods require PBX (Private Branch Exchange) equipment where the interchange between your office or facility and public lines takes place. A PRI to SIP gateway is also known as PRI to SIP Convertor.

ISDN PRI-Gateway

ISDN PRI Gateway

  • Simplified Deployment
  • All Aria Series PRI gateways have an intuitive webGUI for easy setup, eliminating the need of IT admin and complicated configuration
  • Highly Interoperable
  • All Aria PRI Gateways support the standard VoIP/SIP protocol and have built-in transcoding so you can trust that your phone calls and faxes will work even in challenging environments.PRI Gateways also allow for custom configuration for the custom deployments.
  • Field Upgradable
  • Firmware updates can be performed remotely through WebGUI.
  • Flexible Routing
  • Advanced flexible call routing with automatic failover and bypass routing.
  • AX
  • Support for T.38 faxing.
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Built-in call tracing and debugging utilities.
  • SIP
  • Fax and modem support (G.711 and T.38)
  • VoIP channel support: 30
    • G.711 (a-law/ยต-law) (64 kbps)
    • G.729a (8kbps)
    • GSM-FR
    • G.726
  • Telephony interface
  • E1/T1/PRI w/ RJ-45
  • LAN Interface
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet

Aria MG-1 PRI Gateway

Aria MG-2 PRI Gateway

Aria MG-4 PRI Gateway

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